Sarah Mason
Design Strategist & Researcher


Kudos and Kind Words

"I could say many things about how great of a job you did on [our project], but ultimately it comes down to this:

You were not only a rock star, but you made all of us rock stars too."
- Senior UX Designer

Evaluation Highlights

Regarding my primary project work:

"Sarah has proven to master what many cannot: the difficult balance of being an expert “doer” of the work, building consensus with internal teams/clients, WHILE thinking 10 steps ahead about how to build sustainable methods so the work she’s doing lives on well beyond her contributions to the project. This is evident in the year plus she spent ... leading groundbreaking work on one of Globant's biggest contracts."

"Sarah has demonstrated incredible comfort with the ambiguity that comes with defining her role in a large-scale account, where the ecosystem is complex and the plane is literally “being built as we fly it.” In countless peer assessments, the most called upon traits Sarah demonstrates are:

1) The ability to see the big picture among the details

2) Her ability to calmly and eloquently handle difficult conversations with clients

3) How she thrives in a “leader-leader” setting, where no matter your role, you must earn client trust as a peer, and as a fellow leader."

"Without Sarah’s technical skills in qualitative research and the product management lifecycle—and her ability to bring this to the highly complex [industrial automation] vertical—Globant would not have been well positioned to take on the larger [multi-year engagement]. Much of the work we’re doing in 2019 can be mapped directly back to Sarah’s work."

On my general contributions:

"Sarah is constantly chasing down knowledge and finding ways to share that with her peers and the wider Globant team. She’s always pushing us to be better, sell better, deliver better, and to be more strategic and thoughtful in how we work."

"Sarah has a quiet, calming presence.... [she] is the archetype of how the world is coming to define true leadership. Sarah has the intellectual rigor, the emotional intelligence, and is an expert in the doing and in finding the forest beyond the trees. Most importantly, she brings people up with her...always finding ways to integrate multiple perspectives and points-of-view, without ego and without pretense."

"[Sarah] has the potential to be a central leader in the US as we continue expanding our strategic capabilities."

“Kudos to you for handling some of the most crucial conversations in [the project]. I really appreciated how you always brought the customer back to the center of the process.”
- Senior Strategic Account Executive

"Sarah is a great listener. She seeks to understand deeply where people are coming from, which makes her very effective in discovery and research engagements, and which also makes her an invaluable co-worker. She is a natural servant leader. Sarah inspires respect for her knowledge, expertise, and thoughtful attention to others."

- Fellow Senior Strategist, Service Design

"Sarah is one of the most thoughtful coworkers I've had the pleasure of collaborating with."
- Anonymous feedback

"You have such a remarkable ability to think clearly about a given situation or challenge and thoughtfully contribute to an emerging solution. Team members could learn a lot from your ability to consider options not just for their short-term benefit but for the ripples they'll continue to make into the future. You are always hard working, always intent on delivering quality, and always act with respect and kindness to clients and co-workers."

- Principal Strategist, Service Design

"Thank you for always finding time to share your incredible knowledge about qualitative research and analysis, even when your plate is full and you're juggling a busy schedule."
- Fellow Senior Strategist, Service Design
"Sarah is so smart and creative, always looking for ways to add value and bring new ideas to make our work and our team better. Thank you, Sarah, for using your time to make yourself and our team stronger!"
-Director, Service Design and Strategy

"Sarah is a pleasure to work with. Her particular expertise in qualitative research and constant commitment to expand her knowledge and capabilities are not only admirable, but extremely valuable to teams who work with her. She readily shares her professional experience and is always on a lookout to connect with others to exchange and share knowledge. She looks for innovative ways to engage her teams and a broader professional community and to spread her passion for research, strategy, and service design."

- Fellow Senior Strategist, Service Design

"Sarah is incredibly thoughtful and curious. She has an ability to draw from multiple sources and come up with a whole new way of approaching a problem."
- Fellow Senior Strategist, Service Design
"You are great at pulling groups of people together and working towards a common goal. If I had my choice, I'd make sure that I was always on any project you're on! You are so great to work with."
- Senior Business Analyst
"[I] witnessed first-hand how effective her workshop design was. The client was very engaged, and the team was able to elicit a tremendous amount of information in just one day."
- Fellow Senior Strategist, Service Design